Simply Charlotte Mason Bible Study Workbooks – Review

These workbooks – or Bible study journals – produced by Simply Charlotte Mason ( are a fantastic resource for guided Bible study (reasonably priced, too)!  Although they were produced for students grade 7-12, they are fantastic not only for older children but even for adults who would like to explore various methods of Bible study.



Jashub's Journal: An Old Testament Law Story and Bible StudyJashub’s Journal is a combination of story and worksheets.  The book follows a storyline of a man who is among those now living in the Promised Land.  As they begin making the Promised Land their new home, circumstances and disputes arise.  After each story and problem, the student must go back to verses from the Law of Moses to write down how the law applies to that circumstance, and how God’s Law shows wisdom and fairness in each circumstance.  This is a sample from the book:


Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible StudyThis study book provides guidance for sorting through the themes of Proverbs.  Using the book, you read through the Proverbs eight separate times, documenting verses in particular themes.  At the end, you choose one theme to organize and summarize.  A sample of this book is here:  Also you can visit a similar idea in one of our earlier posts on Proverbs activities: in the WordThis workbook guides you through various types of Bible study – GOAL Study in Ephesians, Word Study in Philippians, Doctrine Study in Colossians, Narrative Study of Philemon, Compare and Contrast Study in Hebrews, Character Study of Timothy, Praying through Scripture in 1 Timothy, Book Study of Titus, and Text Marking in 2 Timothy.  It’s a great resource for learning how to approach Scripture study yourself.  One thing to note in this one is that there are several Trinitarian references in the Hebrews Compare and Contrast Study.   A sample of the workbook is here:

Life in the WordSimilar to Growth in the Word, Life in the Word also guides you through various types of Bible study.  The studies in this workbook are: a Book Study of James, Word Study on ‘Faith,’ Topical Study on Freedom, Doctrine Study, Narrative Study of Acts 17, Book Study of 2 Thessalonians, Character Study on Paul, Narrative Study of Acts 18, Topical Study on Weakness, Inductive Study of 2 Corinthians 4, Character Study on Titus.  Sample pages of the workbook can be found here:

Strong in the Word

This book is along the same lines as the previous two.  Included Bible studies are: Book Study of 1 Peter, Character Study of Peter, Text Marking in Jude, Word Study on “Love,” in 1 John, Praying through Scripture in 2 John, Narrative Study of 3 John, Inductive Study of Revelation.  One thing worth noting in this book is that while the Inductive Study of Revelation has a lot of great ideas for observation within the study of Revelation, there are several doctrinal inaccuracies in the guiding comments.  A sample of this workbook can be found here:

Discovering Doctrine: A Personal Bible Study

While we don’t recommend this book due to doctrinal inaccuracies in some of the guiding questions, the premise of the book has great merit!  The workbook is broken down into themes (for example: The Bible, God, Jesus Christ, Sin, Salvation, Angels etc).  At the beginning of each theme section, there are few guiding questions and then a lot of blank pages.  On these pages, the student is intended to jot down verses that relate to that doctrinal theme as they come across them in their reading, study or during classes.  Over time, the student has a personal collection of proof verses that relate to various teachings.  A sample of the book is here:

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