The Kings of Israel and Judah Workbook

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The kings of Judah and Israel are described in detail in this booklet offering interesting insight into their lives.  The descriptions in this book were taken from J.A. Cowie’s The Kings of Israel and Judah: Volumes One and Two. 


The study of the Kings is essentially a study in leadership – a series of character studies of men of responsibility. The lessons for ecclesial leaders and “shepherds of the flock” are many and varied.

It is important to note that in studying the kings you can teach your children/students much about how to build their characters in service to the Lord. By reading about the successes and failures of each king, children/students can ask pertinent questions that are relative to their lives today. They can see the judgments rendered by Yahweh and learn from those judgments.

Questions and Answers

Questions are provided at the end of each character study. Some questions include beginner (ages 6-10), intermediate (ages 11-14), and advanced (ages 15+) categories so the student can answer questions appropriate for their age level (helpful if you are homeschooling children of different ages). Please feel free to use a notebook if you need additional space for your answers, or if you are using this booklet as a teacher’s guide and do not wish the student to mark in the book.


Kings Workbook


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