Daniel and the One True God – Drama Presentation

(Thank you to Martha Sales for this play and post)

The Daniel play was written for kids across the ages of 6 to 13. Our purpose was to keep fairly true to the story, so that all the time spent memorizing would result in Scripture being remembered well.  We did cut down on some of Daniel’s lines as it became apparent there was a lot of repetition and it was difficult to memorize, however, this wasn’t changed in this script. This play worked well with Nebuchadnezzar being played by a short character (“small-man syndrome”) and making the golden statue very tall with his face at the top.  One of the actors put together a spotify play list for the music.

Our Nebuchadnezzar played the part so well, in an over dramatic way which added a lot of humor. When he turned into the beast, behind the curtain, he suddenly came dashing through the curtain, which gave a fun scare to all the children in the front row.

For the scene when Daniel prays to God for a revelation of the dream, we had tall house walls with big open windows and a lot of glowing candles. It was quite pretty.
This PDF document is the script.


This PDF document is a character list.


This PDF document is list of scenes and props needed in each scene.
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