Top 10 Decoration Ideas for your SS Room for CSSA Stage 2

Do you need some help and inspiration with different ways to decorate your Sunday School room?  We have put together the top 10 decoration ideas for those who are commencing Stage 2 of the CSSA notes.

Some of the ideas could also be used as a craft to accompany your lesson … and could even be adapted for other lessons throughout the Bible.

Recreate the Wilderness Wanderings

  • This tent like classroom could be a great place to teach a lesson to younger children




Cluster of Grapes

  • This simple cluster of grapes door display could be a fun way to remember the lesson of the 12 spies entering the land of Israel.



Rebellion in the Wilderness

  • Many of the ideas from this site could be used for the wilderness wanderings, the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram as well as water at Kadesh and the fiery serpents.


Land Flowing with Milk & Honey





Crossing the Jordan River

  • These simple decorations are one way to get the kids excited about leaving the wilderness behind as they start to learn about God’s promised land.


The Fall of Jericho

  • How exciting would it be for your Sunday School class to come into the city of Jericho to have their lesson. Don’t forget the scarlet thread coming out of Rahab’s house!




  • These simple kids size tents are a fun way to teach the story of Gideon & the Midianite host. The dark, starry sky background is extra special for kids too.


A Taste of Samson

  • These honey comb lanterns are a sweet way to introduce the story of Samson.


A King for Israel

  • This beautiful throne is sure to draw interest from the children as the history of the nation now includes a King reigning over them for the first time (and what a great chair to sit in while you teach the lesson 🙂



David & Goliath

  •  One of the most well loved Sunday School stories – and we get to teach it this year! There are so many different ways to make this story come alive visually – re-creating the geography of the valley of Elah with inexpensive plastic tablecloths is just one of many ideas.


If you have other ideas of how to make your classroom more interesting for stage 2, we would love to hear from you

Here are our Top 10 Decorating Ideas for CSSA Stage 1.

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