Prayer Journal – Review

{Thank you to Leah G. for this Prayer journal review!}

This book is a great little book to keep with you to jot down your thoughts during the day that you want to remember in your daily prayers. I know for myself that I think of something or someone I want to remember in my prayers and then when the time comes, I totally forget. This book has a small section allocated for each day of the year, the sections are not big, but they are big enough to write things down in point form to jog your memory. You could keep it along side your dairy and use them together.

Also, next to each day is the daily reading for the day to keep us on track. Which I think it real great, it also gets our mind ready for prayer.

This is written in the front of the book and I thought it explains the book well.


The journal has a ‘week to a view’, divided in a conventional way.

Every day:

  • Has the daily readings to encourage us to read, absorb and use the word of God as a basis to our prayers

Every Week:

  • Has numerous prayer suggestions to get our mind working and to prevent your prayers from becoming stale and always the same.
  • Has a devotional verse to stimulate your mind and thoughts
  • A ‘regular prayer focus’ is included every seven days to focus prayer on a weekly basis

Every Month:

  • There is a space for a ‘monthly prayer review’ space to review your prayers and think about answered prayer.

Every Year:

  • There is opportunity to think about the year ahead and the year past – expectations and hopes for the future and an opportunity to look back at the year gone

Practical prayer suggestions:

  • Finally, there are five sections devoted to practical prayer.


In the back of the book there are a few pages about practical prayer suggestions for, praying as an individual, praying as a couple, praying as a family, praying as a group and praying as an ecclesia. I found this to be interesting and helpful, things I have not thought of before.

Over all I think this is a good book to have, it keeps us accountable in our prayer life and encourages us to do more.


This journal can be purchased through The Christadelphian Office:

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