New Book – “Yours Faithfully” by S. J. Knight

{Thank you to Inka S. for this book review!}

“Yours Faithfully,” by S. J. Knight, is a read not to be missed by women, younger and older alike.  We have had a need for a work such as this for a long time, and this fills a gap, both in mentoring, and on our shelves!

This is an inspiring, affirming and encouraging book on the value of friendships between women.  It is written in an easy-to-understand style like a one sided chat, with a dose of humor as well.  You can almost hear the author sharing out loud as you read.  The helpful theme of nautical analogies running through the book makes various points easy to grasp and relate to.  Not only is it practical and thought provoking, it is based firmly on scriptural principles and examples.  This is what will endear S. J. Knight’s content to us, as we consider the importance of nurturing and maintaining our precious friendships in the spirit of Christ.

The book does not close without giving us sound spiritual guidance for being an effective ‘Captain on the Deck’ of our friendships, as we steer toward the Kingdom.  For myself, this little book provoked personal soul-searching, and I found I needed to underline, asterisk, and notate in the margins in many places!  I felt compelled to share this with friends who also have read it.  I just really enjoyed the book – it made me think about all my friendships, and inspired me to work harder on the ones I have, and maybe become a little more courageous to work on the ‘lost’ friendships.

“Yours Faithfully-Nurturing and Navigating Our Ship of Friends” can be purchased from The Christadelphian Office.

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