Tower of Babel/European Union Drama Presentation

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Last year our teen Sunday School class did a play featuring The Tower of Babel.  We expanded the original story to incorporate how history is repeating itself in our modern world today.

The play starts with 2 reporters at a news broadcast service called MTOV (Many Tongues One Voice). Representing the voice of the people, two reporters reported on top world news.  One of the top stories featured the EU celebration of their new Union of Nation States. We incorporated modern Babel using this story.  The two reporters are joined by a reporter on location who stood in front of the EU parliament building in Strasbourg, France.  They discuss the celebration the EU was having at that moment.

The armies of the massive empire were now confederate with Russia. Both the pope and patriarch of Russia were visiting and supporting the event. We took this opportunity to incorporate current quotes from the pope. We also discussed how the European Union was created. The EU parliamentary correspondent and an EU council member (two members of our SS) talked about the EU parliament building and the status of its completion.

Once the first scene was finished, we acted out the biblical story of Babel. There were two preachers of righteousness who were trying to tell Nimrod and the builders of Babel that they should be glorifying God, not man. The builders get mad and drag the preachers off the stage. This glorified both Nimrod and his Queen. The builders, Nimrod and the Queen, then discuss the building of Babel.  Finally, the builders start building and sing Let us make a Tower, Make us a Name (Bro. Daryl Rose). While all this is taking place, 2 angels walk through the builders and confuse their language.  Nimrod notices the confusion and gets confused himself! He yells at the builders to keep working but they don’t understand him. The builders, frustrated and scared, run off the stage.



The next scene takes place back in the Newsroom. The 2 reporters and the reporter are on location to discuss the uniting of mankind at Babel. They compare it to today where Europe is united in the same way. Once the news reporters finish discussing the uniting of the EU, they do some small talk. Suddenly, a piece of paper is handed to one of the reporters who reads it our loud. The paper says that there is extreme seismic activity, where buildings and bridges are collapsing all over Europe! The reporters in the news room ask the reporter on location if she has seen any of this happening.  On the screen,the EU building collapses and the reporter on location screams and signal is lost. The 2 other reporters start screaming as well as everything starts shaking around them.

The last scene has two Sunday School members explaining the biblical side of this story. They connect the tower of Babel with Nebuchadnezzar, who also embodied the same spirit as Nimrod.  The dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s image is also discussed. As they are talking, a Sunday School member comes out dressed as Nebuchadnezzar. They explain what will happen on this earth when Christ returns to set up his kingdom. We then ended the play with the song The Most High Rules in the Kingdom of Men (Bro. Tim Styles)

Recording the reporter on location:

The reporter on location was recorded before the performance of the play.  We set up a green screen at a Brother and Sisters house and recorded the Sunday School member saying the lines. We worked with a green screen so that we could put a picture of the EU Parliament building behind the member on the screen. It looked as if the SS member was right in front of the EU parliament building in Strasbourg.

Recording the EU council member and EU parliamentary correspondent:

The EU council member and parliamentary correspondent were videoed in our ecclesial library. The video was then edited onto the whole video. The final video consisted of the reporter on location and this video.

Running Length:

Number of roles: 16 (many of them can be played by the same actors)

This PDF document contains the script, prop & costume suggestions and scene outlines.


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