CSSA Stage 2 Sunday School Plays – Round Up Request

We hope your Sunday School year has had a wonderful start!  We would like to have a round up of past Sunday School plays and songs, specifically to Stage 2 of the CSSA program (Wilderness Wanderings to David).

This covers a very wide range of Bible characters including (but not limited to) Moses, Joshua, Rahab, Gideon, Deborah, Samson, Samuel, Eli, Saul, Jonathan and David!

If you are a Sunday School teacher, or have been in the past, will you please share with us previous plays and songs that you have used for your Sunday School Play Night?  Photos are a bonus!  We are excited to see everyone’s contributions. If you send us a message through Contact Us, we will reply with an email address you can send attachments too.

We hope to post a collection of Stage 2 plays and songs in the beginning of November.

If you have plays and songs for Stage 1, 3-5 please feel free to email them to us for future years.

Magnify Him Together
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