Deborah & Barak (CSSA Stage 2 Junior Lesson 13)

This week’s lesson on Deborah & Barak is a powerful reminder to trust in our Heavenly Father with no fear of the might of man. Once again we’ll see the strength & ingenuity of the enemies of Israel swept aside as God delivers His people.


Homework Sheet

This is Junior Lesson 13’s homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD) (Thanks to Jim S. for this homework sheet)




Memory Verse System

Please refer to this post for the memory verse activity for Stage 2.

This is Junior Lesson 13’s memory verse (PDF)(Remember – this page includes memory verses for lessons 13-15)



This is Junior Lesson 13-15 memory verse page (PDF)




Practical Challenge

Thanks to Kate B. for sharing these practical challenges.

Each week we hope to share a practical challenge that can be incorporated into the lesson or as homework.

Junior Lesson 13 – Practical Challenge

To be added!

Craft Ideas

Two dedicated Sunday School teachers have very useful Pinterest pages that link directly to the CSSA program.

Take a look at the corresponding Primary Lesson to get more craft ideas!

Additional Resources

This is CSSA Junior Lesson 13 activity sheet (PDF)




These PDF documents are full of fantastic Bible marking ideas for the Intermediate level (or advanced Juniors) (Thanks to Christadelphian Studies for these Bible marking sheets!)


“Thus let all Your enemies perish, O LORD; But let those who love Him be like the rising of the sun in its might.
Judges 5:31

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