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{Thank you to Julie S. and Sharon K. for this Bible Reading Challenge!}

If you would like ideas for activities and extensions for your Bible Readings, this Bible Reading Challenge is for you!  Below you will find a challenge sheet filled with a variety of activities.  Some activities may be particularly suited for children and families, while others may be suited for adults and teens – there is something for everyone.  Each activity collects a certain number of points with a goal of 1000 points.  Below the activity sheet is a badgebook to keep track of your points, along with printable badges to put into your book once your goal is reached.

Below the badgebook and badges, you will find details about each of the activities (including printables, links, and resources).

One of the best parts of a challenge is doing it together.  Share your thoughts, favourite verses, quotes, reviews, photos, artwork, etc. in “Sisters Bible Study” on Facebook or “readthebiblechallenge”on instagram with the hashtag #genesistojob and #2020readthebiblechallenge so we can find you!




Challenge Sheet

Challenge Sheet for Genesis– see below for details for each of the activities.

Badgebook and Badges

Print out the badgebook, badgebook cover and badges (below) to keep track of your points.  Add a badge sticker to your badgebook for each book of the Bible when you reach 1000 points.  The stickers can be printed on Avery labels (from Amazon or an office supply store).  {Thank you to Karen P. for the badge artwork!}

Badgebook PDF (print front and back)

Badgebook Cover

Avery22808 Color Stickers

Avery22808 black and white stickers


Details for the Challenge Sheet Activities


Using the Bible Reading Companion, read every chapter of Genesis.  You can download the digital photo of the Genesis reading list (save it on your phone and use your photo editing to check off the boxes you have read), or print the less colorful version.  {Thank you to Bailey M. for the Genesis Reading lists!}

   Genesis Digital 

  Genesis Printable



Use a notebook or a Bible Reading Journal to take notes while you read. You can download a page of suggestions (Bible Journal suggestions) to paste in your notebook if you wish. Share your thoughts or favourite verses.  For the link to the Genesis to Job Bible Reading Journal on Amazon, scroll to the bottom of this post: Bible Reading Journal.


Using colour in your Bible can help make things easier to find. Blue is a colour that seems to represent holiness in the Bible, so it is a good colour for marking things that have to do with God. When you come across God making a promise or covenant, highlight it in blue. Take a photo and share it.


Choose a book from the following list to read. Share a quote or two.

The Genesis of Blessings by Andrew Walker

Resisting the Devil by Robert Prins

Abraham and Sarah by Roger Lewis


Do a little research to investigate the archeology of Sodom!  These links may help:, Share your findings.


Use to color and label of the descendants of Ham, Shem & Japheth on the map below.

Print this map to fill in the nations: Nations Map PDF.


Make lentil stew like Jacob!  Here is a recipe: . You can also make flatbread to go with it:


Sometimes a question to find the answer to can be helpful to keep little ones engaged. Aquila N. Priscilla has done an excellent job preparing lots of questions to ask before or after reading – you can find their book for purchase here: Know Questions: Genesis to Job. Alternatively you can download a page of questions – one for each chapter here: Genesis Quiz Sheet.


Choose to watch one of the following documentaries: Privileged Planet or Privileged Species or listen to this set of talks by Bro. Brian Styles: Judah’s Journey. Write a short review and share it.


Create a Timeline for the Bible that you can add to as we go along. You could do this using the pages below which you can download and print. Put a drawing or a verse in the appropriate box each night or use the ones provided. Or you could use a sketchbook of some sort with at least 50 pages. The first page can be The Beginning to the Flood and then starting at 2100 BC you could use each page for 50 years (for example 2100-2050, 2049-2000. Draw a line down a bit from the top so you can write relevant things that are happening in the world above it if you want. Draw small pictures below the line (or use the doodles in link to cut out and paste in) to represent an event in the readings each night on the appropriate page. This may help with figuring out the dates: Share a photo of your work!!

Genesis Timeline

Genesis Doodles (Use this for drawing inspiration or coloring)



Learn these verses by heart: Genesis 1:26, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 12:2, Genesis 15:6,  Genesis 50:20.


“Covenant” is a word that shows up often in Genesis.  Spend some time researching the word. This link explains how to do a word study including a template that may help:  Share what you learn!


Print off your sky map at If you’re new to starwatching and want to identify the stars in your skies, its easiest if you go outside at sunset and watch the brightest stars appear.  This will help orient you. Every night in January, look for the brightest winter asterism, the Winter Hexagon. This asterism contains some of the brightest stars in the sky.  It will orient you to the constellations of Orion, Taurus, Auriga, Gemini, Canis Minor and Canis Major. The hexagon rises at 9pm in early January and 7pm in late January, in the southeastern sky.  Also in the Northern Hemisphere, try going outside Jan 3-4 for the Quadrantids Meteor Shower. Try some nighttime photography, and share it.


Create a work of art for your wall using a verse from Genesis. This website may give you some inspiration to get started: When you are done, take a photo and share it.


Joseph is an excellent example of forgiveness. His brothers had heartlessly put him in a pit, sold him to strangers, and lied about him for years to their father. But when the opportunity came, he forgave them. Dennis Gillett in his book The Genius of Discipleship says: “Remember how vital this matter is. An unforgiving spirit means there is no pardon for your other sins. A rift fostered when it could be healed is a curse upon the life of faith. Neglect hardens the conscience. The mind becomes morbid and multiplies the ill-will. Grace is deferred and guile expands. The need for pardon is calling every disciple to examine at the altar his feelings towards God’s other children. An unforgiving spirit means that the desolation of unforgiven sin abides and grows. Here there is no room for negligence. It is too serious and the resulting failure too solemn. We cannot win pardon; we can only receive it gladly and gratefully. Let every troubled heart remove the impediments to pardon and receive it joyfully and find peace.” Be conscious of opportunities to forgive quickly, and not to let bad feelings grow.



Genesis Overview Sheet PDF  {Thank you Sarah W!}

Genesis Overview Worksheet PDF – fill out this sheet to remember some of of the details of Genesis!  {Thank you Sarah W!}


For more Bible Reading ideas check out the following links:

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