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Brother John Thomas did our community a great service by compiling his studies of the Book of Revelation, (he always calls it the Apocalypse), into a book form called Eureka.   It consisted of three books (with the first book published 1862 and the final book in 1868).  It was about 2000 pages in total.  Yet the books contain old English and unfamiliar words, which we can find hard to read and digest the message in these great works.  The link below for the Eureka PDF Dictionary will help proved assistance to readers of these great works, by giving many words with meanings which will likely be unfamiliar to you.

The dictionary is a companion dictionary with the one I compiled for Bro. Thomas’ book Elpis Israel.  If you cannot find the word you are looking for in the Eureka dictionary, then look it up in the Elpis Israel dictionary and you will probably find it there.  I have not included the words in the Elpis Israel dictionary in order to keep the Eureka dictionary as small as possible.  Maybe someday I might combine the two.

– Graeme Wilson

November 2019

PDF Dictionary for Eureka

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