Resource Round Up for (an extended) Spring Break

Suddenly many of us are facing rather unusual times – closed schools, stores sold out of supplies, quarantines, and social distancing.

While we don’t know exactly how the angels are working to bring the day of Christ’s return ever nearer, we can trust that God is Sovereign and completely in control of all world events.   Coincidentally – or not – last week’s End of Week Encouragement Podcast was titled, “Fear,” and was a good reminder of where we place our trust no matter what circumstances we face.  Also this Friday’s “Minute Meditation” (that was recorded and scheduled many weeks ago!) is titled, “Why Worry?”

For those of us who are heading into an extended Spring Break, we’ve tried to group together a list of resources that may help in redeeming this extra time with your children in a spiritually purposeful way.

We pray that you all stay healthy and safe and ready for our Master’s return!

Resource Round Up:

  • Start your day off with video devotions.  These video devotions are each in series of four, each about 10-15 minutes long and a great start for the day!
  • Time for a good book (book reviews here.)
  • Or listen to audio books (audio books available here for kids and here for teens and adults, including In Search of Life and Who are You Looking For.  There are also various other Christadelphian books on audio).
  • Podcasts for teens, End of Week Encouragement Podcast, and Minute Meditations are all great for a daily refocus and food for thought.  Pick a series and work through an episode a day.
  • Use the time to try a Bible Reading Challenge.  These Bible Reading Challenges include various fun activities and extensions including drama, food, illustration prompts, quizzes and many other fun activities for kids, teens, and adults that go along with each book of the Bible (Genesis through Leviticus are available so far, with Numbers publishing on Wednesday, God willing).
  • Learn to play or sing some new songs (simplified hymns for early pianists, songs to memorize lists in the Bible, and learn to sing Psalms etc): Music Resources.
  • Focus on a Bible study (workbooks and templates for various ages here).  More children workbooks here.
  • For younger children, make a lapbook or go through Bible lessons and activities here and here.
  • Many of our historical plays have links to presentations you could watch. 
  • Review Sunday School lessons.  There are many Sunday School review ideas here and here.
  • Use ecclesial family night ideas for home family nights (Tea Parties, Themed Nights, Bible Scavenger Hunts, Handicrafts, Escape Room, Games etc here).
  • Print off some Scripture Art and write cards to others!

Personal Resources

Are you looking for a spiritual reset yourself?  Now might be the perfect time to try focusing on spiritual goals and reflections worksheets, or spend some time discussing family values together.  For personal Bible study try going through a Bible study course, or workbook studies or journals on topics such as Prayer or Ruth, or use daily verse writing as an opportunity for meditation.

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