Detailed Coloring Pages with Bible Verses

We are very excited to share these Bible coloring pages with you! They can also be printed into foldable bookmarks that have a place to write your favourite hymn or verse. As a team we were just discussing earlier this week the need for some quality Bible bookmarks and then these were shared with us! “Ask and it shall be given unto you!”

Thanks to Amanda W. for all her time and effort in creating these.

The coloring pages have lots of details with objects that that applies to the verse. Some of them are nature themed or have a pattern to color.

Here is a PDF document that has all the coloring pages.

1 Peter 5:7



Luke 12:34



Mark 1:17



Matthew 25:11



Proverbs 17:12



Proverbs 28:1




Psalm 41:1



Psalm 107:1



Revelation 5:13



Song of Solomon 3:16



Here is the PDF to use for making a bookmark. It has spaces for you to write your favourite hymns or Bible verses.



If you have a child that really enjoys coloring (or are looking for resources for teaching) Free Bible Images now has a coloring page option for download. The story sets from Lambsongs and Sue Bentley have pictures to colour. Click the ‘Download’ button, followed by the ‘Colouring PDF’ button to get a free PDF to print and colour.

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