Esther – Devotional Videos, Workbooks, and Purim Celebration Resources for Kids


Esther Workbook grades 1-4 (Thank you to Nicole W. for this workbook!)

Esther Workbook grades 5-8

Use this worksheet for tracking observations of Providence working in the book of Esther: Providence in the Book of Esther.

For Bible marking notes and classes for older kids and teens look for the series titled “Esther: Queen of Destiny” by Nathan Lewis on


The following are craft options when studying the book of Esther and Purim!


Hamantaschen Recipe

Challah Bread Recipe


This script by Keleigh S. is a retelling of the story of Esther from Esther’s perspective, including a handful of supporting actors.  It is based on a five day VBS script (found here).





Video Devotions for Kids

This series of video devotions by Jacob Hodge went along with the Esther/Purim study at CHC Ontario.


For more Esther and Purim ideas check out these posts!

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