Bible Reading Challenge – Deuteronomy Activities

{Thank you to Julie S. and Sharon K. for this Bible Reading Challenge!}

If you would like ideas for activities and extensions for your Bible Readings, this Bible Reading Challenge is for you!  Below you will find a challenge sheet filled with a variety of activities.  Some activities may be particularly suited for children and families, while others may be suited for adults and teens – there is something for everyone.  Each activity collects a certain number of points with a goal of 1000 points.

One of the best parts of a challenge is doing it together.  Share your thoughts, favourite verses, quotes, reviews, photos, artwork, etc. in “Sisters Bible Study” on Facebook or “readthebiblechallenge”on instagram with the hashtag #genesistojob and #2020readthebiblechallenge!

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Badgebook and Badges

Print out the Badgebook (print front and back), Badgebook Cover, and badges (Avery22808 Color Stickers or Avery22808 black and white stickers).  You can also order the Badges as magnets at Christadelphian Book Supply (see: {Thank you to Karen P. for the badge artwork!}

Deuteronomy Challenge Sheet

Deuteronomy Challenge Sheet –  see below for details for each of the activities.


Details for the Challenge Sheet Activities


Using the Bible Reading Companion, read every chapter of Deuteronomy.  You can download the digital photo of the Deuteronomy reading list (save it on your phone and use your photo editing to check off the boxes you have read), or print the less colorful version.  {Thank you to Bailey M. for the Deuteronomy Reading lists!}

Deuteronomy Color Reading Sheet.pdf

Deuteronomy B&W Reading Sheet.pdf


Use a notebook or a Bible Reading Journal to take notes while you read. You can download a page of suggestions (Bible Journal suggestions) to paste in your notebook if you wish. Share your thoughts or favourite verses.  For the link to the Genesis to Job Bible Reading Journal on Amazon, scroll to the bottom of this post: Bible Reading Journal.


You will come across the words “remember” and “forget” several times in this book. Mark these with a blue pencil, and underline what it is that is supposed to be remembered or not forgotten.


Part of the Family by Jason Hensley

Deuteronomy for Disciples by Alfred Nicholls

Conviction and Conduct by Islip Collyer

Share a quotation or a review on social media.


Keep a box for drama objects.  Since Deuteronomy is a recounting of events, many of the drama objects from your Leviticus and Numbers box will be useful again.  Item suggestions include: Manna (something small and white to collect), walking stick for Moses’ rod, boxes and bowls could serve as tabernacle altars and laver, animals for offerings, priest costume, and shofar.


Moses was allowed to view the promised land before he died although he wasn’t allowed to cross the Jordan and enter it. Find Mount Nebo on a map (Nebo map online).

View from Mount Nebo (Thank you to Jonathan Bowen for these pictures!)


Have you ever tried a fig or a date? What about a pomegranate? These have both been cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean region. It may be fun to read some facts about some of these fruits of the land: Pomegranate, Figs, Dates.


Sometimes a question to find the answer to can be helpful to keep little ones engaged. Aquila N. Priscilla has done an excellent job preparing lots of questions to ask before or after reading – you can find their book for purchase here: Know Questions: Genesis to Job. Alternatively you could get your friends and family together (over Zoom) and use Kahoots (one person needs to sign up for free to host the game) to review what you have been reading. The link below is a quiz based on the first nine chapters of Deuteronomy (which is a week’s worth of readings). Give it a try and then try making your own to challenge each other


Listen to Deuteronomy and the New Covenant by Colin Badger or Deuteronomy: Walking in the Way of Life by Bryan Styles. Search for it on Christadelphian Bible Talks under Classes. Share a thought that stands out to you. You may want to watch the 1995 movie Moses.


Use these pages to fill in as you go along, or as a game for review when you are done to see how much you can remember. For example, you could play it as a game by using a dice. If you can complete the answer, you can stay on that spot, if you cannot, you must miss a turn, or go back a few spaces, or whatever you can think of. The first person to get to the end wins.

Deuteronomy Timeline Game

Learn these verses by heart: Deuteronomy 1:8, 6:5, 11:18, 20:4, 30:19.  You can print out a set of these three of these verses here to help you memorize them.  You can also color them, use them as bookmarks, or use them as a template to journal into your Bible margin. (Thank you to Bailey M. for this printable!)


Do a word study on the word “hear”.  (This link explains how to do a word study including a template that may help: Word Study). Share what you learn!


“Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it” (Psa 80:8 KJV). Learn about vineyards. Find out how they grow grapes in the Negev desert. Watch this video on I AM ISRAEL Clip – Vineyards of Judea and Samaria.


Make a collage using words or pictures of all the ways God has been faithful to us. Suggestions: Buy a large canvas board (24”x36”), paint it or let your kids if you have them paint too (ideas here:, and then write with black marker the ways God has been faithful to you or things you need to remember. Put it on display and don’t forget to take a photo and share it on social media with #genesistojob


Take the time to hear and remember.

That disciples ought to handle the Word of God regularly and persistently is beyond dispute. All believers would assent to this proposal. But it is one thing to approve the theory and another to make it true in practice. Many disciples are hard pressed with the duties of home and family and careers and work. The will is present but the opportunities are hard to find. Heavy eyelids and sleepy minds are not the best faculties for pursuing the treasure hunt. An occasional “mugging up” is not as good as a regular “searching out.”

Imagine this, suppose the Bible kept its own diary in this place or that. How often would it have to record, “Have been kept in the bag all last week. Taken out on Sunday for an hour, and on Tuesday for a quick reference. Am not mislaid under the newspapers.” The writer is not unsympathetic – he knows well about the difficulties and the problems. Life can be so complex but occasionally the actual issues are simple.

So it is here. As we are Christ’s disciples, we ought to so arrange our daily living that there is time for his learning and his wisdom.

— Dennis Gillett



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