Recommended Books for Sunday School Prizegiving

Many Sunday Schools in North America are thinking about books and prizes for their Prize-giving.  We have compiled a list of a few things you might find helpful when selecting a prize.  We’d love to hear from you with any other suggestions!

General Ideas Suitable for Any Stage

  • 8-color pencil for Bible marking (available from places like Amazon).
  • Mechanical Bible marking pencil and notebook to encourage note-taking.
  • Turn one of the Bible art chronology charts on our website into a jigsaw puzzle.  There are lots of online companies that turn images into puzzles (for example Shutterfly and VistaPrint).
  • CSSA Dramatised Lesson Downloads … available for all five stages.
  • Christadelphian Hymn Book


Books Suitable for Any Stage


Specifically Related to Stage 1

Tirzah by Lucille Travis (non-Christadelphian author) 
This book follows a young Israelite girl and her family from the exodus in Egypt until the spies return from searching out the land of Canaan two years later. Children between 8-13 would enjoy reading this book on their own, but older/younger may enjoy it too. The dialogue switches back and forth a bit from a formal Biblical style to a more modern conversational one at times. There are a number of references to match-making and marriage partners in the book.
One possible discussion point of false doctrine near the end of the book to be aware of – a beloved midwife dies from illness just before they reach Canaan and someone says “Perhaps she has already reached her Promised Land” (a reference to going to heaven); however this could also be interpreted as a faithful saint awaiting the resurrection.  The author also has another book “Timna” based on the family of Noah, but we have not proof-read that book yet.


Specifically Related to Stage 2

Specifically Related to Stage 3


Specifically Related to Stage 4

Specifically Related to Stage 5

For other ideas you can browse the Christadelphian Office’s children section or the Logos Publishers children’s section website.

Come back next week to see a list of recommended Bible themed gift ideas. 
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