Choose Life – A Study of Deuteronomy 29-30 (Online Course)

What if we never looked up at the sky with a telescope – never saw the craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn, or the gas clouds of the Orion Nebula?

What if we never looked through a magnifying glass to see the detail in a snowflake, the individual grains in a handful of sand, or the curly stigmas of a dandelion?

What if we never looked through a microscope – never saw the scales on a butterfly wing, the breathing pores in a leaf, or the tiny one-celled creatures in pond water?

We would be missing a lot, and our world would be smaller.

As adults, when life is busy and there never seems to be enough time for anything, we can often walk through life without really seeing. All you have to do is have a child with you to realize that you would have missed that caterpillar on the path, the funny looking rock, and the pretty leaf.

We can be that way with the Scriptures too – it is a common phrase in Scripture to have eyes, but not see. We may be very well able to hear the Scriptures, but seeing is maybe a little different – to me it seems to imply a sense of discovery.

In this little study, we are going to use a magnifying glass and see what we can discover when we use it on the words of Scripture. We will walk slowly, stop to notice, and without going too deep, try to understand the value of what we see.

Choose Life – Online Study Course

Magnify Him Together
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