A Time to Hear – A Musical Stage Play

Many of our readers are familiar with the “Time-To” books series by S. J. Knight. We are excited to share with you today that the first book in the series has been adapted for the stage and is published as “As Time To Hear – A Musical Stage Play.”

It was originally performed for the Australasian Ecclesial Conference in Melbourne in 2014.
It could be adapted in various ways to suit available venues, cast ages and sizes, etc. As the cast list is so diverse, it could be a wonderful opportunity to bring together all ages in an ecclesia as well.

For those that are intimidated by a live full-stage production, it has been written so that it can also be performed as a radio play or a recorded presentation.

“This book is thoughtfully laid out – readable, accessible, and interesting, with plenty of helpful tips, space for notes and dozens of illustrations to inspire readers,” Knight says. “It is appealing as a book to read on its own, but particularly so to amateur performers who want something fresh and different from generic-style gospel plays/musicals. It’s a punchy story with no ‘preachiness’ or over-sentimentality.”

Here is a short summary of the play:

In the tiny lakeside community of Banayim, Galilee, the villagers long for the promised Messiah to save them from poverty and Roman rule. Meanwhile, their work, quarrels, and gossip go as usual. Young Dan, the motherless son of Shepherd Ammiel, is confused. Who is the Messiah? When will he come? And what does it all mean? When startling news comes of a bold prophet preaching in the wilderness of Judea, the family is determined to discover whether this is indeed their Messiah. They set out on a journey – a journey that will change everything. Each of them will hear more, learn more, and lose more than they could ever have expected. All of them will find more than they ever could have imagined.

The book contains all the information to put on this play as an ecclesia or special effort. The original songs and sheet music are included, along with the information on how to get audio tracks and full orchestra music.

The author has included incredibly helpful and well-researched information on costumes and props to help bring to life the culture of the first century. There is even information pertaining to effective hairstyles! Nothing has been left out!

“A Time To Hear” hopes to make readers see that the biblical world was as real then as it is today, that true joy is deeper and more lasting than just feeling happy in the moment and that faith gives everyone hope and resilience.

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