This Is My Name Forever – Six Day Lesson Plan for Preteens

These lessons help us to think about how we are like sick, poor, starving, dying orphans with good news from a Great King who wants to adopt us as His own children. 

We will talk about this Great King through some of the titles that He has given to us in the Book that is about Him.

He is the Most High – Higher than all kings of the earth, Higher than everyone and everything.

He is the Possessor and Redeemer of Heaven and Earth.  All that is in Heaven and Earth belongs to Him – including us!

He has promised to be our Shield – if we trust in Him, He will protect us.

He is our Exceeding Great Reward – there is no reward that we can imagine that can be as Great as His.

He is the God who sees – He can see us wherever we are and whatever we are going through, and there is nowhere we can hide from God.

He is the Judge of all the Earth – and He will make right all the wrongs one day very soon.

He is our Provider – that He gives us what we need daily (our food and shelter and family), but more importantly, He has Provided His Son so that we might LIVE.

He is our Creator, and that He created us for His glory.

He is the One who Heals us, who Sanctifies – Sets us apart as holy and special.

He is our Shepherd.  He is our banner that can give us the victory over sin.  And His armies protect us.

God’s Name is all about His purpose – of redeeming and filling and the earth with people who show the characteristics of His Name!!! 

Lesson Plan, Workbook, and Worksheets

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His Name is Yahweh – Song

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His Name is Yahweh – Powerpoint

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Name – Nail Craft

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