Daily Verse Project

During these unusual times of lock-down, John and Rachel Perks have been putting together a different Bible verse each day, in very creative ways.  It is their way of trying to encourage people and help focus our minds on God’s Word.

Here’s a note from John:

As a teacher, I found myself with extra time on my hands due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  I also had a desire to reach out and encourage a few friends and family members who were now facing long days at home.  I thought it would only be 10 days, but 10 days became 20, then 45, and now we’re looking at 60 or 70.  Rachel jumped in to help early on and now others are contributing verses and ideas.  We are really happy that it is giving people a little encouragement each day.

This is the link to their YouTube channel … Daily Verse Project

You can also request to be added to their daily email list, so you never miss a verse!  Please send an email to jandrperks@hot****.com.

Magnify Him Together
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