Meeting Notes Journal – available on Amazon!

Meeting Notes templates were originally published 2 years ago on our website and since then they have been one of our most used resources on the website.  We decided to turn one of the sheets into a book.

We are SO excited to share with you our first self-published Magnify Him Together resource, available through Amazon!  The journal is aimed at children 6 to 9 years old but could be used for older children as well.  Whatever encourages them to take notes in meetings, right?!

The Meeting Notes Journal is available with four different cover options.  It has 200 pages … enough room to take notes for 100 different meetings.  We are selling them “at cost” price … only $7.24 Canadian each.

This is what the journals look like inside:


Here is a link to each of the journals on

The books are currently available on,,,,,, and

*Update November 2020.  The books are now available in Australia from the CSSS:

If you are trying to search for the journals on Amazon, it’s best to put “Magnify Him Together” in the search bar.  That is the listed “author” of the book.  If you put in “Meeting Notes Journal”, you will get heaps of results to show up!  If you click on any of the above Amazon links, it should take you straight to the journals.

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Personal story to share with you … I had a smaller version of the journal printed last year for my Sunday School class through Staples Copy and Print.  It cost me more than what we can offer this journal from Amazon, and the one from Amazon is bound nicely in a book!  So no more rushing to print extra pages as we run out the door to the meeting!  Your child can have their own journal in their meeting bag.  Just a little plug for the journals because we are very excited about them 🙂

Magnify Him Together
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