Bible Scavenger Hunt

We are continuing on with our focus on Ecclesial Family Days.  Our idea this week is a Bible Scavenger Hunt.  There are so many ways to run a scavenger hunt.  This one was held at a local park and the clues were found along a short walk that went through the forest.  Some of the clues were just part of the landscape; others we had put there ahead of time (for eg. heart, star, bird cut-outs).

Everyone was split into small teams and worked together to find all the clues.  It was a lot of fun and this is a great activity for the young and old together!


This is the scavenger hunt booklet (to be printed double-sided, folded in half and stapled down the centre).  We attached little Ziploc bags under each clue and that’s where the clues had to be put.  Alternatively, everyone could just put their clues in one big bag.


This is an answer sheet for all the clues.

This is a file that has the clues we printed in advance and hid along the walk.

We wrapped this around M&Ms and that was the “prize” at the end!


For another scavenger hunt idea, please refer to this post.

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