Ten Bible Curriculum Resources for Homeschoolers

The school year is quickly approaching.  The following are some suggestions for Bible curriculum for homeschoolers (and also helpful for any family for a Bible Study time!)



The Bible Reading Challenge is a helpful program based on the first portion of Bible Readings in the Christadelphian Bible Companion (Genesis to Job this year).  It includes a challenge sheet with a variety of extension activities for different ages and learning styles – including art, quizzes, Bible marking, digging deeper studies etc.  You may find this useful if you’re looking to help make your Bible readings come alive for various ages.





Through the Bible in a School Year Scrapbook Lesson Plan  is a comprehensive overview of each of the books of the Bible for elementary aged children.  By the end of the year, the children have a high level familiarity with the various books of the Bible.




Simply Charlotte Mason Bible Study Workbooks are a great Bible curriculum for grade 7-12.  The series of three “Word” workbooks teach various walk students through various types of Bible study (Book Study, Word Study, Character Study, Theme Study etc.)  Wisdom of Life is a study of Proverbs, and Jashub’s Journal is a study based on the Law of Moses.  You can read a more comprehensive review of this series here: Simply Charlotte Mason Bible Study Workbooks





Polished Cornerstones is a 52 week resource full of Bible study, character and craft ideas.  For a more comprehensive review of this book see: www.magnifyhimtogether.com/2018/08/15/polished-cornerstones-book-review/ (see also Plants Grown Up by Pam Forster for boys)





Some homeschoolers incorporate a Sunday School lesson extension – focusing on a more thorough study during the week.  For extension ideas and activities that correspond with Sunday School lessons this fall see  CSSA Sunday School Stage 3 Homepage.

Another option is the CSSU England Sunday School program.  Each stage goes through the Bible in a school year (each year covering different section).  The lessons come with corresponding crafts and songs, making it a convenient go to for Bible lesson time.

Yet another frequently used resource for homeschoolers are archived Manitoulin Youth Camp workbooks and California Youth Camp workbooks.



You may enjoy starting the day with one of our weekly Podcasts for Teens, our bi-weekly End of Week Encouragement by Jason Hensley podcast, or our bi-weekly Minute Meditation.

We also have video devotions for kids and object lesson videos that can be incorporated into your Bible program.



This memory verse and song box is a great way to memorize Scriptural lists!

These templates – Bible Reading Templates for Adults and Children are useful for Bible reading time.  There is a bookshelf of the books of the Bible, so that you can keep track of which books you have completed reading.  There is a picture box template for illustrating a chapter, and a journal page for taking notes from your reading.  https://www.magnifyhimtogether.com/2019/01/09/bible-reading-templates-for-adults-and-children/

And lastly, use music to memorize the Psalms!  All of these Psalms are set to well known hymn melodies creating an easy way to memorize Scripture, and a perfect start for the morning!














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