Upcoming CSSA Stage 3 Resources – Announcement

Dear Reader,

For the past two Sunday School years, we have provided materials that support the CSSA Stages 1-2.  This has included:

  • A memory verse system
  • a Year-Long Lapbook craft
  • Practical Challenge
  • Review Sheets
  • Activity Sheets
  • Bible marking sheets
  • Craft Ideas
  • Review Activities and Games

This year we have some additions planned- exciting contributions from various brothers and sisters – that we hope will be useful in supporting Sunday School (CSSA Stage 3) this year – both those online and in person!  You can use these either in your class time or send it around to your families to use during the week as a review or extension!

  • Object lesson videos – these will be similar to the bi-weekly object lesson videos shared earlier this year.  This time watch for them IN the Sunday School posts!
  • Meet the Character videos – bring the Sunday School lessons to life by “meeting” some of the people that they are reading about!
  • Bible verse videos – a fun way to memorize and focus on God’s Word.
  • Lapbook Craft videos – this year in addition to the Year-Long Lapbook, there will be a corresponding, fun, weekly “how-to” video to walk the kids through the various parts of the craft!
  • Food Craft videos – Corresponding yummy crafts for some of the lessons.
  • Eye Spy videos – a fun interactive game for the primary students, corresponding to each of the lessons.
  • Monthly Kahoot Reviews
  • New Songs
  • New Coloring sheets
  • And possibly more 🙂

Be sure to check the CSSA Stage 3 Home Page and watch for Sunday School Lesson One post to go up on September 9th, God willing!


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