David Establishes His Kingdom (CSSA Junior Stage 3 Lesson 1)

Introduction and Lesson


Memory Verse Video

This memory verse video corresponds with the Lesson 1 Memory Verse!  Thank you, John, Rachel, and Grace P!

Memory Verse Pages

The Junior memory verse system is very similar to the primary memory verse system. The main difference is that the verses will be slightly longer (usually 2 verses instead of 1) and only 3 verses will be on a sheet of paper at a time. Hopefully, this will help you keep memory verses all in one place and make reviewing easier. Here are some brief instructions for how the memory verse system works:

  • Print out the blank “Memory Verse” page … enough for each student. Place in a plastic pocket in the student’s binder.
  • Each week, print the memory verse that goes along with the lesson. Attach it to the “Memory Verse” page in the student’s binder.
  • Once the sheet is full, print a new “Memory Verse” page to put in the student’s binder.  Every three weeks, we will upload a new sheet of memory verses.
  • On review weeks, have the student choose a verse from one of the previous weeks to review for homework.
  • Keep all the memory verses together for the year!

This is Junior Lesson 1-3 memory verses AND Junior Lesson 1-3 memory verse page (PDF – 2 pages).





Meet the Bible Character – Videos

Watch the introduction to these videos in the Introduction to Sunday School post.  Thank you John and Dinah P and Naomi O for these videos.




Thank you to Rosey G!

Mephibosheth Song – Lesson 1 (downloadable audio)


Mephibosheth Sheet music PDF

Save this jpg to use as a PowerPoint in your Sunday School class online!



PowerPoint from FreeBibleImages

Freebibleimages.org has a set of illustrations related to David that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link: https://www.freebibleimages.org/search/?character=David.



Crafts, Review, and Homework Sheets

Pinterest Boards

CSSA Pinterest Boards by Jane Petite

CSSA Stage 3 Pinterest board by Judith Skipper

Lesson 1 – Kahoot Quiz

Thank you, Tirzah I for this Kahoot Quiz!

Use this Kahoot to review Lesson One with your class: https://create.kahoot.it/details/cssa-stage-3-lesson-1-junior/3d8cda7b-71ff-448d-9a8f-968c2d22d2f4

Practical Challenge

Thank you Kate B for these Practical Challenges!

David showed great kindness to Mephibosheth.  Your challenge this week is to go out of your way to show kindness to someone else.  Maybe you could send a card to someone to say that you’re thinking about them; or make some cookies to share with others, or it could be as simple as letting others go in front of you in a line at school or going out of your way to play with someone who is on their own.

Colouring Page

These are Intro and Lesson 1 colouring pages.  (To download the PDF of all the colouring sheets for the year click here: CSSA-Stage-3-Colouring-Book)

Cover Colouring Page PDF Lesson 1 – Colouring Page PDF

Homework Supplement

Below is the homework chart and checklist PDF for Lesson 1.  (To download the PDF of all the homework checklists and lined pages for the year click here: Stage 3 CSSA Homework Supplement Checklist and Sheets.)  Read the introduction about this supplement in the Introduction to Sunday School post.

Homework Supplement Chart

Lesson 1 – Supplement Activities and Sheet

CSSA Activity Sheet

This is CSSA Junior Lesson 1 activity sheet (PDF)



Homework Sheet

This is Junior Lesson 1’s homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD) (Thanks to Jim S. for this homework sheet)



Check out the Primary Lesson One post and Intermediate and Senior sections of CSSA Stage 3 for more resources!


“David was thirty years old when he became king, and he reigned forty years. In Hebron, he reigned over Judah seven years and six months,
and in Jerusalem, he reigned over all Israel and Judah thirty-three years.”
2 Samuel 5:4-5

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