David’s Kindness to Jonathan’s Son (CSSA Primary Stage 3 Lesson 1)

Introduction and Lesson


Memory Verse Video

This memory verse video corresponds with the Lesson 1 Memory Verse!  Thank you, John, Rachel, and Grace P!

Memory Verse Pages

We are planning to continue to use the same Memory Verse system from previous years. Hopefully, this will help you keep memory verses all in one place and make reviewing easier. Here are some brief instructions for how the memory verse system works:

  • Print out the blank “Memory Verse” page … enough for each student. Place in a plastic pocket in the student’s binder.
  • Each week, print the memory verse that goes along with the lesson. Attach it to the “Memory Verse” page in the student’s binder.
  • Once the sheet is full, print a new “Memory Verse” page to put in the student’s binder.  Every six weeks or so, there will be a new sheet of memory verses.
  • On review weeks, have the student choose a verse from one of the previous weeks to review for homework.
  • Keep all the memory verses together for the year!

Click here to download the memory verse page.

Click here to download the first six memory verses (2 pages).


Eye Spy with Ellie

Ellie has lots of things that make us think about the Mephibosheth lesson!  Can you figure out what she took away?  Thank you to Joanna and Ellie G! 

(See also our Introduction to Sunday School post for the Introduction video to Eye Spy with Ellie.)



Thank you to Rosey G!

Mephibosheth Song – Lesson 1 (downloadable audio)

Mephibosheth Sheet music PDF

Save this jpg to use as a PowerPoint in your Sunday School class online!


Powerpoint from FreeBibleImages

Freebibleimages.org has a set of illustrations related to the Mephibosheth lesson that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link: www.freebibleimages.org/illustrations/david-mephibosheth/.  You will see options to use as a slideshow or download as a PowerPoint file (there are other options, as well).


Meet the Bible Character Videos

These videos are created to correspond with the Junior lessons, but any that also correspond to the Primary lessons will be included here.




Year-Long Lapbook Project

We began the Lapbook Project last week in the Introduction to Sunday School post by creating the lapbook folder and cover page.

This week, there are two crafts to add to the lapbook (print the PDF of both crafts here: Lesson 1 PDF).

Use the Lapbook Craft video below to guide your students through this week’s crafts!

Thank you to Julia H for the Lapbook and Joanna G for the Lapbook video!


 Play Dough Mat Printable

Thank you to Sheva B. for this playdough mat! 

Mephibosheth Playdough Mat PDF


CSSA Craft Ideas

This is CSSA’s Primary Lesson 1 craft ideas (4 Page PDF)


Pinterest Boards

CSSA Stage 3, Lesson 1 Pinterest Board by Jane Petite

CSSA Stage 3 Pinterest board by Judith Skipper


Homework and Activity Sheets

Practical Challenge

Thanks to Kate B. for sharing these practical challenges.

David showed great kindness to Mephibosheth.  Your challenge this week is to go out of your way to show kindness to someone else.  Maybe you could send a card to someone to say that you’re thinking about them.  You could also make some cookies to share with others, or it could be as simple as letting others go in front of you in a line at school or going out of your way to play with someone who is on their own.


Colouring Sheet

The Kingdom is Established Colouring Page

Homework Sheets

*NEW THIS YEAR* This is a younger Primary Lesson 1 homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD) (Thanks to Debbie B!)

This homework sheet is designed for emerging readers and writers. It could also be used for a JK/SK Sunday School class. 



This is an older Primary Lesson 1 homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD)



This is CSSA’s Primary Lesson 1 activity sheet (PDF)



Check out the Junior Lesson One post for more resources!


“And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.”
2 Samuel 9:7

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