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On a variety of occasions family & friends will write “open when…” letters.  How it works is: you write a dozen or so letters for someone, expressing thoughts and kind words for different times of the year, different stages, feelings, etc.  For example, you could write your mom a letter entitled “open when… you miss when we were all younger” and inside the letter you could have photos from when you were all kids.  You could tell her a story from when you were younger, etc.  Other ideas could be “open when… you need some chocolate” and lo, chocolate could be inside the envelope, or even “open when…. you need a laugh” and inside could be a few jokes.  Makes sense, kind of?  Well, this may seem like a strange approach to the return of Christ, but it could very well be something that you have thought about doing before.  What if we sent a letter to everyone we know, to open when… Jesus Christ has returned?

You may often think about the return of Christ and the logistics of it all.  How will we know Jesus has returned?  Will an angel knock on our door one morning and invite us to come with them?  Will we go to visit a loved one’s grave site and find it opened?  What will happen to our pets?  Our things?  Our home?  Our jobs?  Who will tell our family members or friends?  Should we take the garbage out every morning just in case?  We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, so we do not fret these things, but we do wonder.  With a bible in hand, thinking about these things & preparing for them will only do us good, and perhaps bring about the salvation of a few more.  So whether we leave a letter on the shoe rack or have these conversations personally with those around us, let us prepare for the return of Jesus Christ, which is sure to be soon.

Below are a few resources provided to help with this effort.  First, there is a printout pdf that can be printed onto an envelope.  This can also be done simply with your own writing & may just be the personal touch needed.  Second, there is a letter.  This has already been written for you because if you’re anything like me… writing this letter can be the lion in the street as to why you haven’t already sent one.  But if this is not the case, and you want to write your own, I greatly encourage you to do that.  The more personal & specific, the better received I’m sure it will be.   Third, a few resources that could be left/sent/kept with the letter or given out on their own.  These resources would also be valuable to one who is writing their own letter in helping with ideas and thoughts and verses.  Last, we have a print out for your office, study, front entrance, for the top of your bookshelf, the shoe rack, or wherever else you may choose.  Decorating your home with the thought in mind that people may come looking for you, is a theme to ponder.  Your bookshelf may be the most precious thing they could find when everything else in the world seems to be falling apart around them.  The thoughts & ideas are truly endless.  Proclaim to all the good news of the kingdom of God, in whatever way you possibly can.

PS. if you are not Christadelphian, welcome!  I encourage you to read through everything here, not just on this post, but the entire website.  The truth of the Bible is a gem worth seeking out, as you may already know.  God be with you in your search for Him.

Open When… Christ Has Returned Envelope PDF Print Out for an Envelope

Open When… Jesus Christ Has Returned Letter << PDF Print Out Letter


A fantastic series that follows the life & influence of a young woman who learns the truth. Her story begins with asking questions about the Bible at her fathers funeral and closes with the work she partakes of in the kingdom of God on earth. Filled with footnote verses & worksheets & first principles, this series is highly recommended as something to give to anyone you know. If you are looking for just one, the last one “Eleven Weeks” would be the one to go with as it goes through the resurrection, judgement, & events of the kingdom age being established. Below are where you can find these resources.

CSSS – Anna Tikvah Books

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PDF Print Out of Events Subsequent to the Return of Christ

Cover Page for Events Subsequent Printout

Events Subsequent to the Return of Christ CSSS

The Christadelphian Office Book Store – Foundations

CSSS Christadelphian Books

Christadelphian Online Books PDF Print

Print Out “If we go missing…”

God be with you as you prepare, as you preach, as you search, and may you find a place in the glorious day to come, even in God’s kingdom upon this earth.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)

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