A to Z of Discipleship – Audio Book

“Discipleship is a journey – not a destination – and we make this journey together.  We mature as disciples when we encounter trials and persevere; when we acknowledge our sin and work hard to turn things around; when we hit rock bottom and humbly ask God to lift us up; when we suffer great loss – and win Christ.”  – A-Z of Discipleship is written by Amy Parkin.

This audiobook is read by Cassidy Readman.

A copy of the book can be obtained here: www.thechristadelphian.com/shop/ebooks/cmpa-titles-ebooks/an-a-z-of-discipleship-2/ (UK) or https://www.christadelphianbooks.com/detail/4309 (US).

You can listen to the chapters from this page directly or download them from the links below.



Download from these links:

A – for Acceptance

B – for Balance

C – for Children of Light

D – for Decision

E – for Exalt

F – for Fellowship

G – for Goal

H – for Humility

I – for Integrity

J – for Joy

K – for Know the Lord

L – for Loyalty

M – for Meditation

N – for Now

O – for Optimism

P – for Prayer

Q – for Quietness

R – for Reliance

S – for Sacrifice

T – for Thankfulness

U – for Unique

V – for Vision

W – for Words

X – for X-ray

Y – for Yoke

Z – for Zeal


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