End of Week Encouragement Podcast Episode 45 – Remember His Covenant

How often do you think about the promises to Abraham? Now, I know that if you were to ask me that before I thought about this podcast, the answer probably would be “well, I think about it every once in a while. You know, when I hear a class on it or when I’m doing a study about the promises to Abraham. Or maybe, you know, when I’m talking to somebody about first principles, I’ll talk to them about the promises and how we can be included in that”. But as far as how often do I just, you know, sit down and think “wow, I think I’m going to think about the promises to Abraham” that doesn’t happen all that often. And yet, I want to just share something with you here… 

End of Week Encouragement Episode 45 by Jason Hensley is taken from 1 Chron 16 & Luke 1.

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