Printable Bible Badges

Want to help your children or students memorize important Bible facts and figures which may not fall into the memory verse category?  Welcome to Bible Badges!

Bible Badges are a physical token to demonstrate a child has achieved a milestone in their Scripture memorization.  While memorization is not an ultimate goal, it is a fantastic tool for encouraging children to hide God’s Word in their hearts.
You can print the Bible Badges PDF here.  They include badges for memorizing the 12 apostles, the beatitudes, days of creation, 10 commandments, 10 plagues, the armour of God, Jacob’s sons, what love is, promises to David etc.
Some ideas for using these:
  • Create an empty lapbook or poster with each child’s name on it.  (Teachers/parents can make one for themselves too!)
  • Allow the child to choose their own memory goal, or agree on a goal within a class or group.  Help the child practice through repetition, mnemonics, poetry, song (see our post on Bible memory song box), etc….whatever their chosen method.  Check-in with the children’s progress weekly, but mastery for each child, and each memory task, may require different lengths of time.
  • When a child feels ready to earn a badge, they can recite their newly acquired fact and be awarded a badge for their lapbook or poster.  Presentation could be done by Sunday School superintendent is the project is ecclesial-wide.
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