Sunday School Review Posts Update

This is an update to let you know about a modification for our Sunday School Review post plans!

After every four lessons, we have built-in a Review Week in our posts.  You can see the intended dates that each lesson is to be published on the Stage 3 CSSA Home Page.

After the first four lessons, we shared a Review Post with ideas for reviewing the prior four lessons –

However, for the remaining review weeks, we don’t plan to share a review post.  Any extra review games and materials will be shared within the lesson posts.  For example, you will find a review game for lessons 5-8 in last week’s post for Lesson 8:  You can also use the lesson material (videos, kahoots etc) as review material.

At the end of the year, we plan to have a final review post, God willing.

God be with you in your Sunday School year!

Magnify Him Together
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