An Evening of Thanks – Online

{Thank you to Joanna G. for this post!}

This online evening of thanks presentation consisted of:

  1. A compiled video of reflections sent in by individuals.  (In the weeks prior, individuals sent in a short video of themselves listing 1-3 things that they were thankful to God for.  The videos were compiled into one video and shared at the beginning of the evening).  The slide introducing this is in the below PowerPoint.
  2. A video slideshow of the previous hymn sings.  The slide introducing this slideshow is in the PowerPoint.
  3. Then followed a series of ten hymns selected from the ‘Praise’ section of the Green Christadelphian hymn book, were played.  Words to all the hymns in this hymnbook (except copyright ones) can be found at  Between each hymn, a different brother read a short psalm of praise and thanksgiving, that connected to the hymn about to be sung.  The hymns and the corresponding readings are in the PowerPoint.
  4. Before the last reading, hymn and prayer, a brother read the ‘T is for Thankfulness’ chapter from A-Z of Discipleship.  An audio reading of this chapter is available here: A to Z of Discipleship Audio Book.

An Evening of Thanks Powerpoint File (use and modify this file for your own event)

Preparation Resources:

  • Below are the flyer and reminder photos:

  • Have individuals send in short videos listing 1-3 things that they are thankful to God, to be compiled into one video for the presentation (see above).
  • Deliver prepackaged snacks to members in the Ecclesia. We decorated brown paper bags with dollar store leaves and a clear label with Psalm 30:4 on it. (Psalm 30v4 Labels.docx ) We also included a bookmark with the title of the evening and the theme verse. (Bookmark.pdf )

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