End of Week Encouragement Podcast Episode 48 – Thinking About God

Throughout our day, we have various slots of time. Now usually our day is structured around things that take a lot of our time. You know, we go to work, or we go to school, we have meals, we have specific events or things that we plan to attend, or get-togethers, times when we’re going to meet with other people. So there are specific things in our lives that we often plan our time around. Outside of those things we have other periods of time. What I’m talking about there are periods of time that are generally unstructured. A time where you have 30 seconds while you’re waiting in a line, a time when you’re walking out to your car, a time when you’re laying in bed before you go to sleep, a time when you’re brushing your teeth, you know we have various small chunks of time and its those times that I want to think about specifically. What if, during those times, you thought about God?

End of Week Encouragement Episode 48 by Jason Hensley is taken from Psalm 103.

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