Introducing the 2021 Scripture Writing Plan: Spiritual Gardening …and Planner!

{Thank you to Julie S. for this post, writing plan, and planner!}

The gospels record about 30 parables told by the Lord Jesus. Instead of speaking plainly so that his meaning was obvious, he chose to tell stories that required some thought to understand.

Kerry Walters in his book “Growing God” says: “Head knowledge operates in a steadily cumulative fashion. We climb succeeding tiers of evidence and arguments until we arrive at a conclusion. But insight, when it comes, is a swift penetration to the heart of the matter that bypasses normal routes of rational inference.”

Teaching through the use of parables provoked “the perplexity that leads first to wonder and then insight.”

One of the parables Jesus told was the parable of the sower. In this parable, seeds are scattered on different patches of ground and the results are not all the same. As Jesus explains to his disciples, the seed is the word of God and the soil and its environment is the hearts of people.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a garden? What kinds of plants are you growing? Are they growing well?

This journal is meant to help you meditate on the parable of a spiritual garden and hopefully provoke some insight that will help you to garden well. Each month has a series of verses on a topic related to spiritual gardening with space to write out the passages and consider how they might relate to the topic and your own spiritual garden. There are also some facts that can maybe get the wheels rolling in your mind, some practical ideas to experience gardening firsthand, and a few colouring pages to aid your meditation.

The 2021 Scripture Writing Plan – Spiritual Gardening – is available this year as a planner.  You can order the January to June book now at  We will also be sharing each month’s Scripture Writing Plan on Magnify Him Together, God willing.  This is the month of January as a sample of the planner and Scripture writing plan: January 2021 Weekly Planner and Meditations.

The planner contains a number of quotations from the book The Genius of Discipleship by Dennis Gillett (with permission from the Christadelphian Office).  If you don’t already have Genius of Discipleship you can order that from or

January to June Planner cover

July to Dec. Planner Cover

Sample monthly writing plan

Sample Planner page

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