Judgment on the House of Ahab (CSSA Junior Stage 3 Lesson 12)

Introduction and Lesson

Memory Verse Pages

Here are the memory verse printable pages for lessons 10-12: Memory Verse Lessons 10-12 PDF – 2 Pages



Meet the Bible Character – Videos

Meet Jehu!

Thank you, John and Dinah P and Jon G. for this video!!

(The Jezebel video in our Bible Character Video Library would also be applicable for this lesson!)


PowerPoint from FreeBibleImages

There is no corresponding Free Bible Images slides for this lesson.


Crafts, Review, and Homework Sheets

Pinterest Boards

CSSA Pinterest Boards by Jane Petite

CSSA Stage 3 Pinterest board by Judith Skipper


Kahoot Quiz

Thank you, Tirzah I. and Sam & Ashley R. for this Kahoot Quiz!

Use this Kahoot to review the lesson with your class: Kahoot it CSSA Stage 3 Lesson 12.


Colouring Page

To download the PDF of all the colouring sheets for the year click here: CSSA-Stage-3-Colouring-Book.

Jezebel Judgment PDF Thank you to Claire R and Martha O!


Homework Supplement

Below is the homework chart and checklist PDF for Lesson 2.  (To download the PDF of all the homework checklists and lined pages for the year click here: Stage 3 CSSA Homework Supplement Checklist and Sheets.)  Read the introduction about this supplement in the Introduction to Sunday School post.

Homework Supplement Chart

Checklist Sheet  and Lesson 12 Writing Page

CSSA Activity Sheet

Stage 3 Junior Activity Sheets Lesson 12

Homework Sheet

(Thanks to Jim S. for this homework sheet).CSSA Stage 3 Junior Lesson 12 Homework Sheet (Word)

CSSA Stage 3 Junior Lesson 12 Homework Sheet (PDF)

Check out the CSSA Stage 3 Home Page for more resources!

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