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Memory Verse Video

Thank you to John, Rachel and Grace P for these memory verse videos!

Meet the Bible Character Video

Thank you to Ed H. and John & Dinah P. for this videos!


Kahoot Review

Thank you, Tirzah I. and Sam & Ashley R. for this Kahoot Quiz!

Memory Verse Song

Thank you to Cayla H!

This memory verse song corresponds to the memory verse cards below!

Hezekiah Song

Thank you to Rosey G!

(Download the above jpg for powerpoint slides.)


Memory Verse Sheet

Thank you to Lydia O. for these sheets!

CSSA Activity Sheet

Coloring Sheet

(You can download the entire Stage 3 Coloring book below.)

Homework Sheet

Thank you to Jim S. for this homework sheet!

Homework Supplement Chart

(You can download the entire Homework supplement book below.)

Homework Supplement Sheet

(You can also download a writing page for this lesson below.)

Character Copywork

Thank you to Tanya W!

Other Website Resources.

Teacher Prep

These two series on Hezekiah from Christadelphian Bible Talks may be useful to listen to as preparation.

Hezekiah by Bro. Greg Robinson

  1. Refusing the Waters of Shiloah
  2. The Waters of the River – Strong and Many
  3. Seven Shepherds and Eight Principle Men
  4. They Kept Other Seven Days With Gladness
  5. Now When all this Was Finished

Hezekiah by Jason Hensley

  1. When Reality Looks Grim
  2. A Day of Trouble and Rebuke and Blasphemy
  3. Hezekiah’s Jubilee
  4. The Babylonians
  5. Hezekiah’s Legacy

FreeBibleImages Powerpoint has illustrations that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link:

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