CSSA Stage 3 Review Games

Happy Families Game (Midyear Review)

(Thank you to Rachel E. for this game!)

Playing Cards – CSSA Stage 3 Review Lessons 1-12 ages 9-12.PDF Playing Cards – CSSA Stage 3 Lessons 1-12 Ages 5-8 PDF


Deal four cards to each player, and place the remaining cards face down on the table, as a “pool”.  Each player examines their cards, and arranges them according to series, discarding any complete series.

There are four cards to a series, and the card you have in hand is the one with the words underlined and in bold.

The aim of each player is to collect four cards of a series.

The first player asks any one of the players to give them a card, which they need to complete a series.  They may not ask for a card unless they hold one or more of the series.  If the person who has been asked has the card in their hand, they must hand it over, and the first player continues to ask for further cards.  If the person asked does not hold the card, the first player picks a card from the “pool”, and the person asked continues to play in the same way.

The winner is the one who has the largest number of completed series at the end.

Stage 3 Pictionary

(Thank you to Rachel E. for this game!)

This is a helpful multi-page list for playing Pictionary as a Stage 3 Review: Stage 3 Pictionary Game.pdf.

Stage 3 Story Cubes

(Thank you to Tanya W!)

Tell a Tale of Blocks Instructions: Print off the story cube blocks and fold them to form a cube or dice.  Start each turn with “Back in the days of…” and tell a story that links all rolled faces of the dice.  Use three cubes for the beginning, three cubes for the middle and three cubes for the end.

Story Cubes Stage 3 PDF

Stage 3 Code Names

Visit here for the information and printouts.


Stage 3 Junior Review Sheets

(Thank you to Jim S!)

CSSA Stage 3 Junior Review Sheet 1

CSSA Stage 3 Junior Review Sheet 2

CSSA Stage 3 Junior Review Sheet 3

CSSA Stage 3 Junior Review Sheet 4


Magnify Him Together
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