Mary, Handmaid of the Lord – Audio Book

“She [Mary] is a wonderful example for all, and especially for the young, for mothers, for those who have known poverty, for those who have suffered for their faithfulness, for those who know the anguish of a divided household, for those who have lost a son.  In short, she is an inspiration to all who would serve their God with their whole heart, mind and soul.”  Mary, Handmaid of the Lord written by Geoff Henstock

This audiobook is read by Cassidy Readman.

The book can be purchased here: The Christadelphian Office (UK) or Christadelphian Books (USA).

You can listen to the chapters from this page directly or download from the links below.


Downloadable Audio Files

Chapter 1: Mary Of Nazareth

Chapter 2: Genealogy Of Mary And Of Jesus

Chapter 3: Joseph

Chapter 4: Highly Favoured Handmaid

Chapter 5: The Song Of Mary

Chapter 6: The Song Of Mary and The Song Of Hannah

Chapter 7: A Sign Which Shall Be Spoken Against

Chapter 8 From Bethlehem to Nazareth

Chapter 9: From Nazareth To Golgotha

Chapter 10: Epilogue

Chapter 11: Appendix- Mariolatry



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