Templates for Kids: Character Diary, Postcard, Story Summary and MORE

My Diary Template

Ever imagined what it would have been like to live in Bible times? Pick a place and a time and write a pretend journal entry on how you spent your day as a person from that time.

Thank you to Debbie M and Karen P for this template!

What were they thinking?

Pick a person from a Bible event you have been studying and write down what they might have thought about when they saw the event occur!

Thank you to Debbie M and Karen P for this template!


Use these boxes to create a comic style illustration of a Bible story you are learning about!

Character Summary Chart

Pick a Bible character and list the passages that talk about that character. List some of their relationships, conflicts, and a characteristic that we can learn from them.


Pick a person or event that you have been learning about and write a postcard from their perspective!

Thank you to Debbie M and Karen P for this template!

Storyboard 2

Use the graphic organizer as a review - summarize or draw a list of stories that have been discussed.

Newspaper Templates

Use one of these newspaper templates to think about the real life experiences from characters in the Bible. This document includes heading options from Israel, Egypt, Babylon and Phoenecia.

Thank you Lindsay B for these templates!

Tell the Story

Use this template to have your child re-tell the Bible story with pictures and their own words. The template includes a cover page plus story line pages where the child writes one sentence per picture to show the sequence of events in the story.

Thank you Josh H for this template!

Open Ended Review Games

For more open ended review ideas visit this review game page.

Magnify Him Together
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