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Memory Verse Video

This is an interactive game – guessing the words that are part of the memory verse (it may help if the kids have not already memorized the verse!)

Thank you to John, Rachel and Grace P for these memory verse videos!


Eye Spy with Ellie

Ellie has lots of things that make us think about from the story of baby Jesus!  Can you figure out what she took away?
Thank you to Joanna and Ellie G!

Food Craft

Thank you to Julia H. for this food craft video!


Lapbook Craft

Thank you to Joanna G. for these videos.  The lapbook craft printables are below!

The Messiah is Born - Song


Thank you to Rosey G!

(Download the above jpg for powerpoint slides.)

Memory Verse Song

Thank you to Cayla H!

This memory verse song corresponds to the memory verse cards below.


Memory Verse Sheet

Thank you to Lydia O!

(See also the memory verse video and the memory verse song in the section above!)

Lapbook Craft

Thank you to Julie H!

Below is the PDF for the Lesson 23 crafts.

An instructional video for this craft is in the section above.

Practical Challenge

Thank you to Kate B. for these practical challenges!

Thank you to Lydia O for designing the cards!

CSSA Craft Ideas

CSSA Activity Sheet

Coloring Sheet

Thank you to Claire R. for this sheet!

Playdough Mat

Hi kids!! As well as the instructions on your playdough map, maybe you can also add in the water using some blue playdough! Have fun!! ~ Auntie Sheva 🙂

Thank you to Sheva B!

Pre - Writers Homework Sheet

Thank you to Debbie B!

Homework Sheet

Thank you to Linda W!

Character Copywork

Thank you to Tanya W!

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