CSSA Stage 3 Review – Dark Sayings: A Biblical Code Names

{Thank you Bailey M. for this game!}

The above photo is an overview of how the Word Cards are set up.  These are the Spy Cards for both teams.  In addition to what you see above, you will also require a Spymaster Card – that which tells you how the spy cards (the colours: red, blue, brown, & black) will be organized! This game is ideal with 4+ players. Two teams will be needed. Each team needs a spymaster. They will be the only ones to see the shared Spymaster Card. They will then use one verbal word, a word that cannot be on any of the cards on the table, followed by the number of words to be guessed, to direct their team as to which cards the spymaster wants them to guess. For example, if I had three cards: “cat, dog, bird” I might choose to use the word “pet” to tell my team so that they might guess those three. There will be an uneven number of spy cards (the red and blue). Underneath the spymaster card, there will be a coloured line. Whoever’s colour it is will get to go first and gets the extra card, meaning they will have to have their team guess more words. There will be Lukewarm Spy Cards, these are neutral and do give anyone points. There is a Black Card- Sin & Death. If any team guesses this card, they lose and the other team wins. Whoever guesses all of their coloured cards first, wins the game. For more technical rules, you can look up “code names rules” and you should be able to find your answer!

Keep an eye out for more versions of this game to come (ie. a kingdom-themed one coming soon!) on MagnifyHimTogether!

Thank you & have fun!

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