End of Week Encouragement Podcast Episode 58 – More Complex

Now, I teach third and fourth grade English.  As a third and fourth grade English teacher, I get to read a lot of children’s books. One of the things we notice when we’re reading children’s books is that the story always gets simplified. You know, there’s almost always a good guy in the story – a protagonist. There’s almost always a bad guy in the story – an antagonist. As you start to read the story, you know, it’s pretty easy to see: this person is good – I want them to do well. And this person is bad – hopefully bad things happen to them. You know, sometimes stories have surprise endings, things switch around and yet when they do switch around you never really have a character that is well, kind of good and kind of bad. Have you noticed that?

End of Week Encouragement Episode 58 by Jason Hensley is taken from Philemon.

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