Recommended Books and Gifts for Sunday School Prizegiving – Updated!

Many Sunday Schools in North America are thinking about books and prizes for their Prize-giving.  We have compiled a list of a few things you might find helpful when selecting a prize.  We’d love to hear from you with any other suggestions!

General Ideas Suitable for Any Stage


Books Suitable for Any Stage


Specifically Related to Stage 1

Tirzah by Lucille Travis (non-Christadelphian author) 
This book follows a young Israelite girl and her family from the exodus in Egypt until the spies return from searching out the land of Canaan two years later. Children between 8-13 would enjoy reading this book on their own, but older/younger may enjoy it too. The dialogue switches back and forth a bit from a formal Biblical style to a more modern conversational one at times. There are a number of references to match-making and marriage partners in the book.
One possible discussion point of false doctrine near the end of the book to be aware of – a beloved midwife dies from illness just before they reach Canaan and someone says “Perhaps she has already reached her Promised Land” (a reference to going to heaven); however this could also be interpreted as a faithful saint awaiting the resurrection.  The author also has another book “Timna” based on the family of Noah, but we have not proofread that book yet.


Specifically Related to Stage 2


Specifically Related to Stage 3


Specifically Related to Stage 4

Specifically Related to Stage 5



Kerruso “New Creation” T-shirt



Kerruso “Joy of the LORD” T-Shirt




Kerruso “Iron Sharpens Iron” T-Shirt



Kerruso “Faith as a Mustard Seed” T-Shirt



Kerruso “Strong & Courageous” T-Shirt



Kerruso “Let Your Light Shine” T-Shirt



Christian Book’s “Rise & Shine” Long Sleeve Shirt (for teens)



Christian Book’s “Walk by Faith” Long Sleeve Shirt (for teens)



Christian Book’s “We Love” T-Sleeve Shirt (for teens)







Christian Book’s Fruit of the Spirit Dominoes



Christian Book’s Noah’s Ark Dominoes



Christian Book’s “Bible History” Puzzle




Candle Books “Easter” (Passover/Christ’s Crucifixion) Puzzle



Candle Books “Jesus in Capernaum” Puzzle



Bags & Accessories

Christian Book’s Bible Verse Tote Bags (Lots of options!)



Christian Book’s “Be Still and Know” Baseball Cap



Other Gift Ideas

Apples to Apples Bible Edition



“A Friend Loveth at all Times” Picture Frame



The Picture Bible Coloring Book



Melissa & Doug “Bible Stories” Water Reveal Pad



Melissa & Doug “Bible Stories” Reusable Sticker Pad



Our Picnic Tree Bible Stackers (Compatible with all major brands of building blocks – Some sets contain themes from the Book of Mormon)




Other ideas could include framed pieces of Bible art, coloring pencils for Bible marking, and mugs with Bible verses on them. 

Additional Christadelphian Sources

The Christadelphian Office (Christadelphian Website that provides a wide array of books, pictures and gift ideas)



Logos Publications (Christadelphian Website that provides a wide array of books, pictures and gift ideas)


Christadelphian art on Etsy including stickers, notebooks, bags, and framed art: Truth Lettering Co, Words in Season, and JotsAnTittles.

Additional Non-Christadelphian Sources

Non-Christadelphian website, please use spiritual discernment as not all options may contain correct doctrine.

Tales of Glory Bible Toys



The Ark Encounter Gift Shop


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