End of Week Encouragement Podcast Episode 59 – The Greater Sin

“Today let’s talk about sin. You’ve probably heard before that “a sin is a sin” and that all sins are equal. And I think in a sense, that is true. It’s true that all sins bring death. And conversely that all sins can be forgiven by God. So, often this idea that sin is sin and all sins are equal is advanced when someones talking to someone else and trying to explain that there isn’t a sin that you can do that will prevent God from forgiving you. That there is no sin that is so bad that God will say “Oh, well I’m not going to forgive that” so it is said as a reassurance that God still wants to know you and have a relationship with you and I think that’s good and that’s right. And so in that sense, sin is sin…”

End of Week Encouragement Episode 59 by Jason Hensley is taken from Exodus 32, John 19.

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