The “Loved Bible Project” Workbook

The “Loved Bible Project” began in Pittsburgh, USA, when a woman named Anne- Marie saw a need for a camping toilet for some homeless men living under a bridge.  She knew that the potty wasn’t enough on its own to really help the men, so she highlighted passages and included prayers and notes in a compact Bible and gave it to them along with the camping toilet.  The next time she walked by the bridge, one of them asked her for a Bible that had been “loved.”  The effort and care she had put into that Bible had had a profound effect on him and he wanted more of God’s Word.  Anne-Marie began to struggle to keep up with the demand for “loved Bibles” so gathered her friends together to start working on “The Loved Bible Project.”  The idea of giving the Bible away is not just to give and walk away, but to let it be a way to begin walking alongside someone and growing relationships with them as you share God’s amazing Word.

This PDF workbook provides instructions and inspiration for creating your own “Loved Bible” to share!

If you have any ideas or updates to add, please contact Rose Stone at: jeremyandrose @ 


The Loved Bible Workbook PDF



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