My Book of Prayers – New Prayer Journal for Children on Amazon

When I was a lot younger, I used to say my prayers out loud to God at night with a parent there to make sure I did it and to tell me what to say if I got stuck. I would say the same thing pretty much every time, with maybe an addition once in a while if our family knew someone who was sick or having a hard time, or if there was something that I really, especially wanted or felt thankful for. It is a good way of forming a habit, but as I got older, and my parents weren’t there to make sure I did it, I found it harder to do.

It was not that I didn’t want to pray, it was more that just saying the same things over and over felt a bit repetitious, but I didn’t really know what else to say or how to make it feel like I was really speaking to someone.  I’ve never been good at talking to people, and talking to God wasn’t any easier. I didn’t really find a good solution at the time and so prayer continued to feel a bit hard for me.

It wasn’t really until I found out that words on paper were a lot easier for me rather than words out of my mouth that I thought about writing down prayers.

This little journal is a result of my daughter telling me she was having the same struggle. She likes writing letters to friends, however, so I thought, what if she wrote letters to God?  We came up with a little guide to help her get started and hopefully, it will help to form the habit, and then make it easier to move on from there.

– Julie S.

This prayer journal is available on Amazon at a cost:

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