Scripture Writing Plan for August- Spiritual Gardening: Weeds

{Thank you to Julie S. for this writing plan!}

It really is amazing how quickly weeds can take over a garden if it is not cared for. Weeds can often germinate more quickly, and grow to the point of producing seeds much more rapidly than the seeds we have carefully planted. The best way to deal with weeds is to pull them out by the roots while they are still small. 

This is a truth we learn about ourselves. Our soil will always be growing something. No matter how often or well we weed, weeds will keep popping up. And this is so for everyone.

The gardens of our hearts must be weeded regularly. This requires time to examine ourselves and recognize what weeds we need to deal with. However a very good way to deal with weeds is to add layers of mulch around your plants using grass clippings or weed-free hay or straw.

Perhaps this is a bit like the covering for sin that God offers each of us through His Son and finding a balance between the focus of picking out all the weeds, and thankfulness for the Gospel recognizing that we will not ever be truly weed-free in this existence.


August Scripture Writing Plan – Weeds PDF

August Scripture Writing Plan PLUS Weekly Planner and Meditations PDF

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