New Book for Young People: Vaughan’s Vision

Vaughans Sunday School teacher said to her class, Its important for every one of you to form a vision of Gods Kingdom in your mind. Each day, try to remind yourself what the world will be like when Christ returns. Any trial or sorrow is easier to bear if you have a hope for the future. As Vaughan listened to his teacher, he didnt realize that his thoughts would return to her remarks, time and time again, during the difficult days ahead.

Written for young people and children and provides encouragement both now and for the future, especially during difficult times.

Proceeds support the charity Agape in Action.

Author: Sis Heather Bourke

Publisher: Food for the Journey

Format: Paperback, 146 pg

Price: $14.50 AUD

It can be purchased from
Lulu or Amazon (Australia, Canada, US, and the UK) or in Australia at Christadelphian Books & Literature (

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