Scripture Writing Plan for September – Spiritual Gardening: Growth

{Thank you to Julie S. for this writing plan!}

The hardest thing about a garden is the waiting.  One has to wait for the right time to plant, for the seeds to sprout, for the rain to fall, for them to grow, for them to flower, and finally for them to produce fruit, and if anything fatal happens during this process, then one has to start again.

The other hard thing about gardening is that although we can do our best to provide the best environment for our plants to thrive, we cannot make them grow—that is a process that is completely out of our hands.

Farmers have tried to accelerate growth by using chemical fertilizers, genetically modifying seeds, and using herbicides to lessen the competition for resources. What we have learned through experience, however, is that this damages soil and restricts diversity. Focusing instead on managing the soil well, practising good crop rotation, and even just going back to smaller plots is much more environmentally friendly and successful.

September Scripture Writing Plan – Growth 2021 PDF

September Scripture Writing Plan PLUS Weekly Planner and Meditations PDF




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