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Food Craft

Thank you to Verity and Phinn Suntz for this food craft video!

The Wedding at Cana Song

Thank you to Rosey Gore for these SS songs!

Memory Verse Song

Thank you to Cayla Hodge!

This memory verse song corresponds to the memory verse cards below.

Character Video

Thank you Keleigh Styles!

**Note: these character videos are aligned with junior lessons, but will be included in the corresponding primary lesson when applicable.

Bible Stories for Children - The Wedding in Cana


Memory Verse Sheet

Thank you to Lydia Osborn!

(See also the memory verse song in the section above!)

Download the template sheet (PDF) below to glue the memory verse cards onto.

Practical Challenge

Thank you to Kate Badger for these practical challenges!

Thank you to Lydia Osborn for designing the cards!

Lapbook Craft

Thank you to Julia Hynes!

*Click the above photo to download the craft pdf.


CSSA Craft Ideas

CSSA Activity Sheet

Coloring Sheet

Thank you to Martha Osborn for this sheet!

5-6 year old Homework Sheet

Thank you to Debbie Bartholomew!

5-6 year old Homework Sheet

Thank you to Vanessa Scott!

7-8 year old Homework Sheet

Thank you to Vanessa Scott!

Playdough Mat

Use blue playdough to make the water poured into the jar, then fill the glass with purple playdough – the wine created in this miracle!

Thank you to Sheva Billington!


Comic Story

Thank you to Vanessa Scott!


Names and Titles of Jesus

Thank you to Tanya Wilton!


Other Website Resources.

FreeBibleImages Powerpoint has illustrations that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link:

Magnify Him Together
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